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We love gaming, and today gaming means a lot of games across many different platforms. Sometimes, you can spend more time managing your game collection then actually playing it, and that in a nutshell is where the idea for the Genie’s Game Room came from. We want to help give you more free time to actually enjoy the games you want to play.

Your Personalized Gaming Space

The purpose of the Genie’s Game Room is first and foremost to provide you with a gaming space online that you can tailor to your particular needs and interests. It’s also important that you be able to access this space from any device. This way, our website has all the information you need whether you’re in your living room, sitting on the bus or over a friend’s house.

You Game Collection

Our database includes nearly every game ever developed, including all variants, and if you discover an omission, we’ll fix it right away. Using that database, you can put together your entire gaming collection. Imagine having one place to list, filter and search your N64 cartridges, GBA roms, Steam games and both your physical and digital Xbox 360 and Xbox One games. You can add notes to games as well as have fast access to game-specific content here at the Genie’s Game Room as well as around the Web.

Your Backlog

Our site also includes a special set of tools that you can use to manage a certain subsection of your game collection: the dreaded backlog. Estimate things like completion percentage and time remaining, and even schedule your play time in a way that helps you clear it. Even if you don’t know when you’ll get to a game, having it in your backlog on Genie’s Game Room means that you’ll never lose track of it.

Your Achievements and Trophies

Another cool aspect of Genie’s Game Room is the ability to have all of your achievements and trophies in one place. Compare yourself to the rest of the community. Set a to-do list, and fill your profile with the gaming accomplishments you’re proudest of. Our system has no problem handling the same game across multiple platforms, so if you completed Watch_Dogs on both the PC and the PlayStation 4, our system will recognize that and record the achievements/trophies accordingly.

Our Content and Content from Around the Web

We also have a team of game journalists that generate actual content for you to read and enjoy. This content includes previews, reviews and opinion pieces. Content isn’t limited to articles and encompasses videos, livestreams and podcasts as well. We also link out to best content from around the Web, and what’s really neat is that you have complete control off the content we feed you by adjusting your preferences in your control panel. If you only want articles and other content about the games in your collection, then that’s exactly what we’ll give you.